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  1. Customers (Retail and individual) who own old Isuzu LCV vehicles regardless of year model and variant.(Gemini, Hi-Lander, Fuego, Trooper, Alterra, Crosswind, D-MAX, and mu-X);

  2. Upon purchase of a brand-new Isuzu LCV models (mu-X and/or Isuzu D-Max [except Cab and Chassis]), the customer must inform the attending Sales Executive (SE) that he/she owns an old Isuzu vehicle that mentioned above. The SE in-charge will ask the customer to completely accomplish the form "Upgrade Your Drive Application Form";

  3. Customer could only submit the application form within the promo period. Claim should be depending on the number of units to be purchased. (e.g. 1 copy of OR/CR for existing Isuzu vehicle and 1u purchase of new Isuzu LCV = P10.000 and/or 2 copies of OR/CR for existing Isuzu vehicles and 2u purchase of new Isuzu LCV = P20,000);

  4. Dealer Sales Head must validate the filled -out form and the supporting documents** by the customer to qualify for P10.000 cash discount;
    ** Supporting documents
    • Accomplished Isuzu Upgrade Your Drive Application Form;
    • Copy of the OR/CR of the loyal Isuzu LCV customers;
    • Two (2) valid Government ID (SSS/Pag-ibig, Voter's ID, Driver's License, etc.);
    • Photocopy of Dealer's Sales Invoice. If the sales invoice is under the name of immediate family member, they need to submit proof of consanguinity; photocopy of birth certificate or marriage contract.
    • Notarized Deed of Sale / Transfer (if OR/CR is still not under the new owner's name)

  5. The following are required for proper validation and processing of the Isuzu Upgrade Your Drive promo:
    • Copy of the OR/CR of the loyal hum LCV customers:
    • Two (2) valid Government ID (SSS/Pag.lbig, Voter's ID, Driver's License, etc.): Notarized Deed of Sale / Transfer (If OR/CR is still not under the new owner's name)
    • Proof of Consanguinity (if the vehicle is named under the customer's immediate family members)

  6. Upon validation, the said customer can avail the P10.000 cash discount and could apply either dealer outright cash discounts, bank financing and P.O. or accessory/ies within the promo period.

  7. Dealership will collate and submit all requirements to Isuzu Philippines Corporation either through email or their respective dealer representatives every end of the month. All documents must be addressed to any of your respective Dealer Coordinator of Dealer Sales Department B;

  8. All claims are subject for validation. If the said customer does not qualify after verification, IPC Dealer Sales Department B will notify the selling dealer of the disapproval so that the dealer will update the customer;

  9. If the claim was confirmed valid. IPC Dealer Sales Department B. will process the request for payment to IPC Accounting Department.

  10. This Upgrade Your Drive Promo discount of P10.000 In on-top of any Isuzu existing promo or discount schemes of Isuzu Philippines Corporation.

  11. The Upgrade Your Drive Promo will run from March 15, 2019 up until September 30. 2019

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